Long time, no news!

While some of us have been keeping you up to date with the status bar, I realise I haven't done a blog entry for a while. My apologies!

For about three weeks the band went their separate ways as I headed off on a three-week tour to China and Hallam headed down south to see his family. However, once I had returned and only just recovered from jet-lag, we returned to Hull to play at Metieval Requiem on the 16th April! That was certainly immense playing on the same stage as Skyclad!! Check out the photos from Metieval Requiem here.

Our next gig was to celebrate Elliot's birthday, the man behind Windrider! We played all our songs at the start of a great show with Windrider and Ravenage following on. Elliot also recorded us with an awesome-quality mic, and we even got a short interview afterwards with hullrockers.co.uk! Oh and Elliot was given a cake by Danny's mum. It looked like lots of care had been put into it! Check out the photo's from this day here.

Our next gig lies in Selby again, but this time it gets serious: This gig is part of Metal to the Masses, a competition where the winner gets to play on the unsigned stage at BLOODSTOCK! This is about the people who turn up just as much as what the judges think of us, so if you're not up to anything on the night I suggest you hit the road to The Riverside!

Regarding the EP, it's almost done! Everything has been recorded and there are just a couple of tiny mixes left to go and all that's left after that is printing and casing and we'll be selling it at gigs in no time! We're also planning to provide the option of buying it online through either iTunes, Lastfm or whoever!